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Project management

Project management is a major part of Supply Chain Support. Together we think, design, and set up the logistic plan for your supply chain, as well as manage the transport flow (Last project and date, Project Diaba/Total Gabon. 2013)

Warehouse, yards and stock management

Supply Chain Support offers a stock management service that provides you with a qualified staff. Through our partners, we can also provide stock management logistics suited for different sectors through our partners. In this service, we control all activities from receipt, to handling storage and shipping, thereby ensuring the traceability of your equipment.

Transport management

From the provision of your equipment, wherever in the world, and no matter its volume and complexity your equipment is in the world, Supply Chain Support and its partners will securely carry it within the deadlines and to the delivery location (port or airport according to the type of cargo and the level of emergency) but also, to the final destination.

Depending on our customer's need, we take care of all the administrative and customs necessities both upstream and downstream. 

Optimising your supply chain

This is one of the key strengths of Supply Chain Support. Our role is to help our clients optimise their supply chain. In order to achieve this, we work on stock management, warehouse optimisation and reduction of shipping times.

Support services

Thanks to a long-time experience in catering and support services, our teams are able to mobilise, install and manage remote sites (catering, maintenance and supply).

When projects require external staff to be brought in, Supply Chain Support will organise the necessary support on arrival for your staff, including accommodation, offices and means of transport.

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